PRESS RELEASE—Statement Israel’s Leadership and the Continued Attack on the Gaza Strip


6 November 2023

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Senate candidate Christina Khalil makes a statement on the current Israel-Palestine conflict.


Ms. Khalil issued the following statement regarding international support for Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and the IDF.

“I strongly condemn the actions the Israeli government has taken against the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip. This brutal campaign to flatten the entirety of Gaza in response to the October 7th Hamas attack is a flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention and amounts to severe war crimes perpetrated against civilian Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu has ordered horrific military action against innocent civilians, members of the press, doctors and healthcare workers, and religious leaders in Palestine. I once again call for a cease-fire and for the Israeli government and IDF to allow Palestinian civilians out of Gaza, to allow humanitarian aid in, and to restore internet access, water, and power in the Gaza strip. I call for the immediate resignation of PM Netanyahu and the IDF Chief of Staff among other IDF and government leadership, on the grounds of having committed countless war crimes against the over 10,000 innocent civilians killed in Gaza.

I also condemn US military and financial support for Israel and the IDF. I support the Israeli families who lost someone in the October 7th attack, and express my deepest sympathies to those affected by this terrible tragedy perpetrated by Hamas. I strongly refutethe narrative that this genocide being perpetuated by Israel is a necessary retaliation for the Hamas attack against Israel. Finally, I call for the US to provide asylum to any Palestinians able to escape from Gaza, and to any Israeli citizen unwilling to enter the IDF and participate in the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children in Palestine.”


Paid for by Christina Khalil for United States Senator of New Jersey. Approved by Christina Khalil.


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Paid for by Christina Khalil for U.S. Senator of New Jersey

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